The House of Cruel Satire

This website talks about Oprah quite a bit, but we have also mentioned before a satire comedian named Dax Herrera (who sometimes masks himself a superhero of comedic glory named Dick Masterson). In his comedy, he has created incredibly controversial pieces that people could not tell if he was being real or fake.

During this whole process, he actually landed on the Dr. Phil show back in 2008 with his book release Men Are Better than Women. Dr. Phil actually found that Dick Masterson was a front for Dax, but on further investigation he could not tell whether Dax truly believed what he was saying as Dick Masterson or not – if nothing else, then it is exceptional acting on Dax’s part if he finds fault in the chauvinistic and offensive personality of Dick Masterson.

However, why does Dick or Dax do this?

It is all about the art of satire. Satire is often a misunderstood form of humor. It operates by using irony, exaggeration or ridicule to create laughter as well as to expose and criticize people’s vices. In many TV shows around the country this can be seen on almost a nightly basis, typically in relation to contemporary politics. Shows like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are both famous examples of modern day satires.

The thing that often makes satire misunderstood by multiples of people is that you need to be “in the know” to get the joke. Since satire often presents its ridiculous and exaggerated form as totally serious, many people take it as such. In many ways, this is what a good satirist wants. They want someone to take them at face value and think of them as totally genuine. The reasoning is, if you can do that, then you can bring that person up on the stage and have a second person unknowing taking part in the satirical act. For the people watching who are “in the know”, this is a hilarious method of satire.

Again, famous examples of this form of satire could be seen with people like Stephen Colbert who traveled the country interviewing various congressmen who had no idea who he was at the time. Because they thought this was a serious interview, it many times led to some of the best satirical scenes in the entirety of the Colbert Report.

The method Dax used this controversial satire tool though is a bit different. His goal was to be so ridiculous, so outrageous that his books could not help but become things of major controversy. Because of this, he has followers who are polarized very much for him and polarized very much against him. This goes for both camps as well – the people “in the know” and the people who had no idea it was satire.

It is likely the people “in the know” who like Dax probably do not hold the chauvinistic frat boy opinions he espouses as Dick Masterson. So it is also likely that his actual fan base may hate each other, as a fair portion of his fans believe that Dick Masterson is 100% the real deal and loves him for it.

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