Dick Masterson – the Master of being a dick?

Dick Masterson is an American writer of comedic satire – satire that has both been well received and highly fought against due to the controversial nature of his first book Man is Better than Women. This book is meant to be funny satire, but often goes to brutal and cruel subjects that have put many readers into tears or emotionally charged enough where they have sent Dick Masterson hate mail.

Dick Masterson has appeared on shows such as Dr. Phil talking about his deep seeded chauvinism, but the irony of it all is that Dick Masterson has multiple levels (like an onion) to who he actually is. Dick Masterson wrote a book called Men are Better than Woman back in 2008, and has since gone on to do a podcast called The Most Important Podcast in the Universe with fellow satirical comedian Maddox.

Both Dick Masterson and Maddox are pseudonyms, just pen names the comedians used to create these caricatures of manliness that they use in their comedy acts. Dick Masterson’s real name is Dax Herrera. One might think that the reasoning for Dax Herrera appearing at live events, writing books and pretending to be someone named Dick Masterson would come from his comedic influences.

Andy Kaufman was listed (way back on Myspace) as Dax Herrera’s biggest influence. Andy Kaufman of course also had a sideshow personality or alternative personality named Tony Clifton that became famous for his acts of outrageous behavior.

The most unsettling aspect of Dick Masterson is that many take him seriously. This goes both on the feminist side that absolutely hate Dick Masterson and the chauvinist men who think he is actually speaking the truth. This happens with many personalities that are created specifically for media to exaggerate points for satire.

Many people find Dax Herrera’s portrayal of Dick Masterson to be utterly awful. Some women and men have even called the act “Pathetic, even if done in satire”. While other (mainly men with a few women) praise him for the good laugh of his books.

Similar to Maddox, Dax Herrera’s comedic friend, Dax’s humor is on the extreme harsh side of comedy. They both use this extremism to garner heavy reaction from their audiences. When something they do does create real controversy, it helps feed their careers as comedians through more exposure, and more chances for them to blossom their created characters into even more comedic and satirical bits.

Both Dax Herrera and Maddox have a large following and have since published several books. Typically, their subjects cover the art of manliness and how to be manlier, which many people do take as serious advice. Flash forward to today and the duo have teamed up to create their podcast The Biggest Problem in the Universe.

There has been much speculation over Dax’s personal life. When Dr. Phil interviewed the comedian, he found out about Dax’s background in satire and did multiple interviews with Dax before allowing him on the air as Dick Masterson. The reasoning? Dr. Phil could not tell whether Dax was being serious, he could not differentiate what Dax actually believed in or didn’t believe in. Is he the master of being a dick? You’ll have to decide.


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